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MIY Builders Brisbane Renovation Builders

MIY Builders is a family-owned construction business based on Brisbane’s south side.

We specialise in anything from new builds to renovations to small jobs in and around your home or workplace. We have extended houses, raised Queenslanders and renovated some magnificent bathrooms.

We pride ourselves on setting realistic timeframes, pricing and most importantly top-quality finishes. 

MIY Builders has established great working relationships with a team of tradesmen, designers and construction industry suppliers who share the same passion, drive, experience and eye for detail. 

If you would like a no-obligation free quote please get in contact with Matt. Phone 0416 878 453 or check out our Contact Us page.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House in Brisbane?

Trying to establish a firm cost for your house renovation is tricky. It depends on a lot of things like quality of finishes, the size and extent of the renovation, accessibility, the extent of the structural work and quality of the existing construction.

We recommend working backwards: from budget to building renovation cost. The budget should be formed on the basis of sellable value once the work is complete so that you don’t over-capitalise on your home renovation. You can check out the prices that local, renovated homes are selling for in your in your area, or arrange for a valuation on your current and proposed renovation project. Once you know how much value you can create economically, you’re then ready to work out a scope for your renovation.

Next, we recommend you get MIYBuilders involved in the planning stage as early as possible. We have a great team of suppliers and designers experienced in our Brisbane market so why not take advantage of our local experience and relationships!

Finally, don’t be afraid of doing something different in your home. Avoid wildly expressing your inner renovation devils but don’t be afraid to dance around the fringes with some personality and fun. Your home renovation should be a (toned down) version of yourself!

Do you need council approval for renovations Qld?

Just about all home renovations that involve structural alterations or extensions require building approval. If you are simply changing the colours of your walls you can safely skip the building approval process but wall removals, extensions, house raises and decks and patios will require council approval. In Queensland building approvals are obtained from a building certifier instead of approaching council directly but you won’t need to worry about this. As a QBCC licenced builder, we take care of the building approval process and work directly with the building certifier to ensure compliance with the building regulations.